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I am a graphic designer with a four-year degree Bachelor of Arts in Art with a concentration in Graphic Communications. As a designer, I enjoy creating bold, edgy, and whimsical designs. Typically, I use vibrant colors and organic shapes to add a sense of excitement to my designs. My goal as a designer is to transport my client's ideas from imagination to reality. I specialize in Adobe Suite software such as Photoshop, Indesign, After Effects, and Illustrator; I also have experience with UX/UI, Figma, and 3-D modeling. Depending on the program, I have designed editorials, product advertisements, product designs, websites, and kiosk/mobile apps.


Outside of graphic design, I am an artist, who has expertise in painting, colored pencil drawings, murals, and digital illustration. My love for art transformed from creating alien-like stick figures with large saucer eyes to surrealism. At the moment, my artwork depicts colorful distorted portraits of other-wordly people expressing intrapersonal dilemmas. 



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